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Zoom Light Giveaway

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Many people come to me and ask Joe how can I make myself look better when I'm in my online meeting or talking with a group or client.

My answer is always the same, add a light. Almost always, the next question is, what kind of light do you recommend?

I believe I have found a simple and easy solution for anybody to get started and look better for your next zoom, teams, or whatever online meeting software you use, and I can tell you four great reasons l like it.

No.1 It comes with a simple clip, so you clip it on your laptop or smartphone, and it has a little cut-out for most any built-in camera lens with no obstructions.

No. 2 It has adjustable brightness. I think this is very important so you can control the exposure of your face, so you don't use too much bright light on yourself, causing over-exposure and loss of detail.

No. 3 All digital cameras have to balance the color, so you look good. This light has a button for a Daylight setting that matches the outdoor sun or a Tungsten setting, "a more relaxed softer warm orange setting," A more common color balance found in most homes. This light makes it easy for you to choose the right setting that makes you look good where ever you are.

No. 4 It has a built-in rechargeable battery, so you can take it on the go for those times you're mobile. It's easy to recharge with the supplied USB cord that uses a typical smartphone charger that most use every day.

Ok, the title of this video says The Great Zoom Light Giveaway.

On February 28th, I'll be giving away this great light and all its included accessories. To one of my lucky subscribers from, if you are not a subscriber, go to "make sure you subscribe goto the bottom of the home page to subscribe" to win this Great Light. And if you can't wait until February 28th, use my Amazon affiliate link and get one now!

If you need help or want to go to a higher level in your home studio and need professional consulting, you should think about booking some time with me today. You'll be glad you did.

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