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How much to budget for video productions?

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

If you really want to grab an audience, you need to tell a good story.

Budgeting for video productions can be a challenge! Ask someone for help in the industry and you’ll likely get the answer… it depends? Not very helpful when you’re planning a budget and trying to figure out how much to spend.

Sometimes I'm asked for a 1-hour video shoot; however, clients don’t see all of the pre and post-production activities that take place. Things like special-FX, custom art and so on, sometimes video production can and most times can take more time in post editing. In short, video production takes thought and planing to get the best results.

The most frequent question I get is how much does a 3-minute video cost… or a 2-minute video… or a 60-second video? Regardless of the video length, the answer is always… it depends… and here’s why. Let’s use the 3-minute video as an example. The finished video might be 3-minutes, but each 3-minute video can vary greatly in how long it takes to produce. We’ve had 3-minute videos that took just a few days to produce. We’ve also had a 3-minute video take nearly 2-weeks to complete. It can be dangerous to though down a number before understanding things like mutable locations if needed will we need actors and for how long, will we need scripting and writers, as you can see this is why we call it a production there can be lots to consider.

Let me walk you through the process for how we breakdown our time to help you understand it better.

First thing is a pre production meeting with the client so we can produce the right messaging for their audience. We need to make sure we’re producing what they need to meet their goals. We’ve likely already met with the a client team to learn more before preparing their production proposal. WHAT’S YOUR STORY Every video production company has great cameras, good audio gear, and pro lighting. Where we set ourselves apart is storytelling.

If you really want to grab an audience, you need to tell a good story.

We serve you by helping your business stand out, create sharable content for your digital marketing and internal communications campaigns, and leave viewers feeling good about your brand, business, or organization.

We would be happy to have a meeting to see if we can help you plan a great story.

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