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Hello everyone, my name Joe Ake and I wanted to share one of my favorite Plug and Play microphones with you today, the Samson QU2, and why I recommended it to any client starting in any spoken broadcast production.

Ok, what makes it so unique!

  • Its USB plug and play no special software needed.

  • Cardioid pick-up pattern.

  • Option to connect to professional sound mixers using provided XLR cable and connection.

  • It comes with all you need to get started.

Samson Mic, it's just really this simple. Easy a for beginners a real plug and play solution.

Audio Technica AT2100

Pretty much just like the Samson except its says Audio Tecnhica.

AT 2100 Mic w/boom arm. Easy a for beginners a real plug and play solution.

XLR to USB Audio Interface.

If you are using an XLR cable type Mic this what you need for a computer connection. Easy a for beginners a real plug and play solution.

These are popular with home based musicians and instrument recordings plus the use of the more popular XLR cable connection.

Shure SM48

A Tried and Tested Timeless Champion Microphone by Shure.

Electro-Voice Broad Cast Mic This is a power hungry mic, you will need a powerful amp to get up and running but when you do watch out.... Serious gear, are you ready?

Rode Caster Pro. A mixer and show recorder. Serious gear, are you ready?

Shure SM7B Another proven winner in broadcasting. Serious gear, are you ready?

I'm Joe

I'm excited to help you  and learn more about your media projects.

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