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about Joe

Hi my name is Joe Ake 

Yes I really did grow up in the back of the TV service shop. If you live on the south side of Indianapolis you probably remember it, Recommended TV and Appliances Inc,. 1949-1990 After World War II serving in the United States Coast Guard (he loved boats too) my father came home to his fathers Insurance company. My father not one to sit behind a desk very long would come home from the insurance company and in the evening would travel up and down Thompson Road and adjacent streets repairing peoples televisions and providing a new one if needed. There is no doubt I have that in my blood. One day he noticed I was tinkering with one of his 35mm Pentax cameras. I was about 13 years old. He went on to explain to me how a camera makes an exposure for the picture. I found it fascinating . My father received the most joy out of helping people with things he was skilled at, basic electronics being one of those. The camera and how it exposes pictures was very intriguing to me and it took me a while to catch on to it!  Nothing really has changed with the way digital cameras work  except instead of you adjusting for the exposure, a tiny computer chip does all the heavy thinking. In middle school and high school I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the A/V team and being involved with my high school darkroom for the school newspaper. In 1990 the big box stores were really taking over the market. Our family decided to sell my fathers property and business and today this tv store I grew up in is becoming a fading memory. I have had exposure to my passions my entire life and in 2005  I started Joe Ake Studios. Like my father, I get the most joy in adding value and helping others with my gifts.

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